The Robocon Company has been established in 1992.

     The primary directions of the Company's activities in the industry are as follows: the development and manufacturing (batch production included) of special means that measure the component's dimensions, its form deviations and the relative position оf its surfaces; the development and manufacturing of active processing control instruments for industrial grinders.

      The Company also produces general-purpose electronic measuring systems for equipping the special measuring tools that customer develops or upgrades independently. These projects imply any possible automation level including automatic measuring and sorting processes.

      The Company's production includes not only device series represented in this catalog, but another customer-specified devices and systems are possible.
  The Company's staff including Honoured Designers of Russian Federation, and they will consider any customer's requests and tasks related to the Company's field of activity.

      The Company works in close co-operation with the Special Design Bureau of Automation Means (an open Joint-Stock Company) and other tool producing companies as a member of a free-associated industrial group.

      The Company's achievements are highlighted:
2001 - Gold Medal from the French Association of Industrial Assistance;
2005 - Primary Prize of Russian National Olymp Award.


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