Special manually operated instruments with an electronic digital readout:
Model 4150

The model 4150-D indicating snap gauge is intended to be used for measuring the external diameter of cylindrical parts such as bearing races, journals of shafts and axles etc

Each specimen of the indicating snap gauge is made to measure only one nominal dimension "D" that was stipulated when ordering and the snap gauge is not liable to be readjusted to measure another dimension

Measured results are represented in digital form on the visual display of the Federal (USA) electronic indicator inserted in the snap gauge. In accordance with the user’s desire the indicator is able to read either the absolute value of the measured diameter or its deviation from the nominal value

The setting-up of the snap gauge is carried out with the aid of a rod reference standard (housed in the gauge’s body) by a single depression of a button on the digital indicator.

The Indicating Snap Gauge is certified The Russian Federation State Standard Certificate No.17335-98. Registration Certificate No. MT 022.99 in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to be used within the railway transport.

Main Technical Data:

Diameter range of checkable parts , mm.: 85.....270
Minimum width of checkable parts, mm.: 35
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Electronic digital indicator EDJ-10402 "Federal" (USA)
Reading range, mm.: ±1,0
The least significant digit value on the visual display, mm.: 0,001
Type of battery in the electronic unit: GR-2450 (USA) or similar
Snap gauge’s maximum error limit, mm:
Snap gauges for checking diametrs from 85 up to 200 mm.: 0,002+0,5% of the measurement range’s value.
Snap gauges for checking diameters from 200 up to 270 mm.: 0,003+0,5% of the measurement range’s value.
Overall dimensions, mm.:
Snap gauges for checking diameter 85 мм. 160х40х265
Snap gauges for checking diameter 270 мм. 246х40х382
Mass, kg.:
Snap gauges for checking diameter 85 мм. 1,1
Snap gauges for checking diameter 270 мм. 1,9