Special manually operated instruments with an electronic digital readout:
Model 4151

The model 4151 instrument is intended to be used for measuring the internal and external diameters in two cross sections of ringed parts that can be inversed.
The instrument is readjustable and is capable of measuring external diameters in the range of from 70 to 270 mm and internal diameters from 50 to 280 mm..

The setting-up of the instrument to measure a dimension is accomplished with the aid of reference masters that are furnished together with the instrument.

The results of measurements are represented on the digital visual display of the indicating means in the form of deviations from the nominal value.

The Indicating Snap Gauge is certified The Russian Federation State Standard Certificate No. 17336-98 Registration Certificate № МТ 023.99 in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to be used within the railway transport.

Main Technical Data:

Diameter range of checkable parts, mm.: External diameters 70...270
Internal diameters 50...280
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductive
Reading range, mm.: ±0,2
Least significant digit value on the visual display, mm.: 0,001
Alternating current voltage, V.: 200
Maximum instrument error, mm.: 0,002+0,5% of the measurement range.
Over-all dimensions,mm. :
Measuring device: 310х320х207
Reading device: 136х254х80
Mass, kg.:
Measuring device: 20
Reading device: 1,5