Special manually operated instruments with an electronic digital readout:
Model 4152D

The model 4152D installation is intended to be used for measuring the mean diameter of openings in bearing inner races measured in three cross-sections along the axis of the opening, and also for grading the bearings into size groups according to their mean diameter for the consecutive selective assembly.

The installation consists of an electronic unit and any number of measuring stages for different diameters of bearing races. The stages are connected in turns to the electronic unit.

The measuring stages do not need readjustment. When the bearing ring is turned on the measuring stage the opening’s diameter is automatically determined as the mean of half-sums of the diameter’s maximum and minimum values in each cross-section.

The setting up of the measuring stage is carried out with the aid of reference gauges (included in the complete set) and ends up by a single push of the button on the electronic unit’s front panel. The measured results are shown in alphanumeric form on the screen of the electronic unit. The electronic unit’s software enables the operator:

• to receive instructions from the screen of the electronic unit that help him to quickly master the instrument.

• to receive diagnostic messages on the screen that facilitate quick detection and elimination of malfunctions in the instrument.

Employing this instrument in combination with the Indicating snap gauge model 4150M-D provides the selective assembly of the ring with the axle in a predetermined interference fit.

The Indicating Snap Gauge is certified The Russian Federation State Standard Certificate No.17390-98 Registration Certificate No. MT МТ 024.99in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to be used within the railway transport.

Main technical data:

Measurable parameters of the bearing ring: • The mean diameter of the opening after measuring three cross-sections along its axis.
• Conicity of the opening.
• Curvature of the generating line (concavity, convexity).
• Ovality of the opening measured in three cross-sections along its axis.
• The mean diameter of the opening ( in mm. and the number of the size group).
Checkable diameters of parts, mm.: 120.....260
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductive
Reading range,mm.: ±0,1
The least significant digit value on the visual display,mm.: 0,001
Alternating power supply voltage, V.: 220
Maximum error of the Instrument, mm.:
(when measuring the mean diameter of the opening)
0,003+0,5% оf the measurement range.