Special semi-automatic multi-parameter checking machines:
Model 4155

The model 4155 Instrument is intended to be used for checking the linear measurements of bearing rollers and sorting them out into size groups for the subsequent selectivr assembly.

Checkable parameters of a roller:

    • the mean diameter at the middle of the bearing’s axis;
    • ovality in the middle of the bearings axis;
    • camber;
    • the roller’s length.

The checking of a roller is carried out in an automatic cycle. The obtained results are shown on a visual display of the electronic unit in the form of
    • digital values of the checked parameters;
    • numbers of the size groups according to the diameter and length;
    • light indicating signals when the value of the parameters being checked exceeds the tolerance limits.
The setting-up of the instrument for all of the parameters is carried out with the aid of a Standard (included in the complete set) by a single depression of a push-button on the front panel of the electronic unit.

The software of the electronic unit enables the instrument to:
    • Present on the visual display instructions for the operator that facilitate quick mastering of the operations on the Instrument.
    • Present on the visual display diagnostic messages for the quick detection and elimination of faults in the Instrument. The application of this Instrument is particularly effective together with other instruments that make up the industrial-metrological "System" of the ROBOCON Company.

The Instrument is certified: The Russian Federation State Standard Certificate No. 17337-98 Registration Certificate No. MT МТ 025.99in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to be used within the railway transport.

Main Technical Data:

Measurement range, mm.:
Mean diameter of the middle section 31,920...32,032 (group grading in steps of 4 mkm.)
Length: 51,904...52,032 (group grading in steps of 11 mkm.)
Ovality: 0,005
Camber: 0,010...0,014
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Measurement method: Inductive
Reading range, mm.: ±0,2
Least digit value on the visual display, mm.: 0,0001
Alternating current power voltage, V.: 220
Instrument’s maximum error limit, mm., when measuring:
Mean diameter in the middle section: 0,001
Length: 0,0015
Ovality: 0,001
Camber: 0,0015
Automatic cycle time, sec.: 4
Overall dimensions, mm.:
Measuring stage: 210х273х210
Electronic unit: 431х150х470
Mass, kg.:
Measuring stage: 25
Electronic unit: 5