Special semi-automatic multi-parameter checking machines:
Model 4155L

The model 4155L semiautomatic general-purpose Instrument is intended to be used for grading and selecting different kinds of bearing rollers (cylindric, barrelshaped and camber).

The Instrument’s field of application is connected with the assembly of small batches of bearings having a large nomenclature.

A distinctive feature of this instrument is its automatic possibility of resetting and adjusting itself in going from one standard size roller to another, and also its ability to provide the operator with recommendations for selecting a complete set of uniform rollers for the subsequent bearing assembly.

The Instrument has been certified by the Russian Federation State Standard Committee.

Main Technical Data:

Types of checkable rollers: Cylindrical
Barrel shaped
Measuring range, mm.:
Roller’s diameter 18.....54
Roller’s length 18.....60
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductive
Reading range, mm.: ±0,1
Least digit value on the visual display, mm.: 0,001
Alternating current power voltage , V.: 220
Maximum error limit, (mm.) when measuring:
Roller’s diameter: 0,001
Roller’s length: 0,0015
Duration of the automatic measuring cycle, sec.: 2
Duration of an automatic switch-over, sec.: 60
Overall dimensions, mm.:
Measuring stage: 298х450х312
Electronic unit: 431х150х470
Mass, kg.:
Measuring stage: 25
Electronic unit 5