Special semi-automatic multi-parameter checking machines:
Model 4156

The model 4156 Instrument is intended to be used for checking roller bearings that have no inner races.

The Instrument is used during the incoming and outgoing checking procedures with the certification of the outgoing parameters:

    Х diameter variations of rollers;
    Х length variations of rollers;
    Х radial clearance
    Х axial clearance

Apart from checking the outgoing parameters the Instrument also sorts out the checked bearings into size groups according to their radial clearance.
The checking of a roller bearing without its inner race is carried out in an automatic cycle, and the results are represented on the screen of a personal computer that is included as a part of the Instrument. The computerТs software from the ROBOCON company enables to achieve the following:
    Х Print out the results of a checked roller bearing.
    Х Keep an archive of the checking records done during a long time period.
    Х Receive instructions on the computerТs screen for the operator enabling him to quickly master the Instrument.
    Х Print diagnostic messages on the computerТs screen that facilitate quick detection and elimination of faults in the Instrument.

The application of this Instrument is particularly effective when it is used together with other items of the combined industrial-metrological "System" of the ROBOCON company.

The Instrument has been certified : The Russian Federation State Standard Certificate No. 18725-99 -99 Registration Certificate No. 061.99 in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to e used within the railway transport.

Main Technical Data:

Parameters of a bearing undergoing a check:
External diameter, mm.: 250
Width, mm.: 80
Inner diameter touching the rollers, mm.: 158,00...158,350
RollerТs diameter,mm.: 31,920...32,032
RollerТs length, mm.: 51,904...52,030
Number of rollers in a bearing:
With a brass separator: 14
With a plastic separator: 15
Mass of a roller bearing without the inner race,kg.: 18
Checkable parameters: The maximum difference of the rollers diameter.
The maximum difference of the rollers length.
Radial clearance ( and grading into size groups).
Axial clearance
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductance
Reading range, mm.: ±0,2
Least digit value on the screen of the display, mm.: 0,0001
Alternating current power voltage, V.: 200
Maximum InstrumentТs error limit,mm. when checking:
Maximum difference of rollers diameter: 0,001
Maximum difference of rollers length: 0,0015
Radial clearance: 0,003
Axial clearance: 0,015
InstrumentТs overall dimensions without the personal computer, mm.: 655х530х460
InstrumentТs mass without the personal computer, kg.: 80