Special manually operated instruments with an electronic digital readout:
Model 4160U

The model 4160U Instrument is intended to be used for measuring the rolling circle diameter of railway wheels on all stages of their manufacturing process, excepting measurements when trucks are not rolled out from under the rolling stock..

The measured diameter is represented on the screen of a portable electronic unit with a self-contained power supply built-in the Instrument.

The setting up of the Instrument is accomplished on a "Standard wheel" by a single depression of a push-button on the panel of the electronic unit.

The Instrument has been certified by the State Standard Committee of the Russian Federation..

Main Technical Data:

Diameter range of checkable parts, mm.: 844.....964
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductive
Reading range, mm.: 844.....964
Least digit value on the visual display,mm.: 0,01
Type of battery in the electronic unit.: 6F22S ("KRONA" or similar)
Instrument’s maximum error limit ,mm.: 0,25
Overall dimensions of the folded Instrument,mm.: 1020х170х371
Mass of the Instrument, kg.: 3