Special semi-automatic multi-parameter checking machines:
Model 4161

The model 4161 Instrument is intended to be used for checking and grading axle box bearing’s outer races according to their inner diameter and raceway’s width (distance between shoulders) for their consecutive assembly.

The bearing races are checked during an automatic cycle. The measured results are presented on the display of the electronic unit that presents:

    • the size of the diameter, the ovality;
    • the distance between shoulders;
    • the number of the graded group according to the size of the diameter and the distance between shoulders;
    • warning lights when the measured value of a checked parameter exceeds the tolerance limits.

The instrument is adjusted for all the checkable parameters with the aid of a Standard (included in the complete set) by a single depression of a push-button on the electronic unit’s panel.

The electronic unit’s software:
    • Enables the operator to receive instructions on the screen of the display and that facilitates the quick mastering of the Instrument.
    • Shows on the screen diagnostic messages that help the operator to quickly find and eliminate faults in the instrument.
The application of the instrument is especially effective when it is used with other items of the industrial - metrological "System" of the ROBOCON company.

The Instrument has been certified. The Russian Federation State Standard Committee Certificate No. 18727-99. Registration Certificate No. MT 062.99 in the Branch of Industry Register of measuring means permitted to be used within the railway transport.

Main Technical Data:

Measurement range , mm.:
Internal diameter: 221,965...222,189 (With group grading in steps of 8 mkm.)
Raceway’s width: 51,974...52,106 (With group grading in steps of 11 mkm.)
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard.
Type of transducer: Inductive
Reading range, mm.: ±0,1
Least digit value on the screen of the display, mm: 0,001
Alternating current power voltage, V.: 200
Instrument’s maximum error limit , mm., when measuring:
Internal diameter: 0,003
Distance between shoulders: 0,003
Ovality: 0,002
Automatic cycle duration, sec.: 15
Overall dimensions, mm.:
Measuring stage: 535х238х352
Electronic unit: 431х150х470
Mass, kg.:
Measuring stage: 30
Electronic unit: 5