Special manually operated instruments with an electronic digital readout:
Model 4165L

The model 4165L set is intended to be used when selecting the outer and inner races of bearings in order to obtain the needed radial clearance in the assembled bearing.

The set consists of an electronic unit and any number of twin measuring devices (for races of different standard sizes) that are in turn connected to the electronic unit.

A distinguished feature of the set is as follows: when the set measures the outer and inner races of a bearing, on the electronic unit’s display one reads the the value of the radial clearance depending on the combination of the diameters of the races and rollers.The latter are sorted out into size groups with the aid of model 4155L Instrument of the ROBOCON company.

The Instrument has been certified by the State Standard Committee of the Russian Federation.

Main Technical Data:

Measurable parameter: Radial clearance
Bearing external diameter range, mm.: 160.....400
Bearing internal diameter range, mm.: 80.....260
Bearing width range, mm.: 40.....132
Principle of operation: Comparison with a Standard
Type of transducer: Inductive
Radial clearance reading range, mm.: from -0,99 up to 0,99
Least digital value on the visual display, mm.: 0,01
Alternating current power voltage, V.: 220
Instrument’s maximum error limit, mm.: 0,01
Overall dimensions, mm.:
Measuring stage: Depends upon the bearing’s standard size
Electronic unit: 431х150х470
Mass, kg.:
Measuring stage: Depends upon the bearing’s standard size
Electronic unit: 5