General-purpose electronic measuring systems:
Model 4301

A simple instrument for directly measuring displacements and dimensions.

Field of application: machine shops, quality control posts, quality-control laboratories.

Main Technical Data:

Number of transducers: 1 ("A")
Type of transducers: Inductive transducers (rectangular and straight) of the ROBOCON Company
Number of checkable parameters: 1
Type of a parameter: Current dimension
Measurements of interrupted surfaces: IMPOSSIBLE
Least division value / Measuring range ( in micrometers): 0,1/200     0,1/1000
Error limit, %: 0,5
Choice of measurement range: Manually
Correction of displaced adjustment: Manually
Parameter indication: Light-emitting diode digital indication
Possibility of connecting a linear indicating device: No
Group grading (for a chosen parameter) with a number indication: No
Tolerance inspection: No
Calibration of measuring channels that form a part of the equipment: Manually
Output for an external RESET signal of peak value parameters: No
Output for RS-232: No
Overall dimensions , mm.: 136х254х80
Mass , kg.: 1,5