General-purpose electronic measuring systems:
Model 4305

An eight channel instrument that is intended to be used for automatic analysis of dimensional and peak value parameters, sorting out into size groups and tolerance checking.

It is equipped with supplementary devices that visualize measurement results in the form of a linear scale with tolerance limits.

Field of application: multimetering operational and acceptance checking in mass production.

Main Technical Data:

Number of transducers: 8
Type of transducers: Inductive transducers (rectangular and straight) of the ROBOCON company
Number of checkable parameters: 8
Type of parameters: Dimensional or peak value.
Operators used for calculating parameters: mA, nВ, max, min, +, -, 1/2, (, ), in any combination (m,n may be any rational numbers)
Function for measuring interrupted surfaces: AVAILIBLE
Programming parameters: With the aid of an external PC
Least division value / Measurement range, (micrometers): 0,1/200   0,1/500   0,1/1000
Error limit, %: 0,5
Choice of measurement range: When programming from a PC
Correction of displaced adjustment: Automatic with the aid of two standards
Kind of parameter indication: Light emitting diode digital indication
Possibility of connecting a linear indicating device: Up to 8
Group grading (for a chosen parameter) with indicating the number: AVAILIBLE
Assigning parameters for group grading: With the aid of an external PC
Tolerance checking: AVAILIBLE
Assigning parameters for tolerance checking: With the aid of an external PC
Calibration of measuring channels that are a part of the equipment: Automatic with two standards
Output for an external RESET signal for peak value parameters: AVAILIBLE
Output RS –232: AVAILIBLE
Overall dimensions, mm.: 336х467х234
Mass, kg.: 8