In-process gauging instruments for controlling grinding machines:
Model PKP

The model PKP6 instrument and its modifications are intended to be used for introducing corrective adjustments into the grinder after measuring the obtained dimensions in a sequence of machined parts or by checking the position of the grinding wheel.

Depending upon the processing datum surface and the transportation method of parts comming out of the grinding zone one or two single-contact measuring heads are employed.
The command for a corrective adjustment can be formed after statistically processing the measured dimensions in a sequence of machined parts.

Main Technical Data:

Principle of operation: Inductive, contacting
Least division value, mm.: 0,001 (0,0005)
Reading range, mm.: From -0,2 up to +0,2
Number of operative commands 2 ("Correction"; "Reject")
The minimum time during which the surface being inspected is contacted by the measuring tips, sec.: 0,05
Permissible error limit of an operative command, mm.: 0,0005