In-process gauging instruments for controlling grinding machines:
Model PKP5

The model PKP5 instrument is intended to be used for introducing into grinders corrective adjustments after measuring the external diameter of cylindrical components (e.g. bearing rings) immediately after they leave the machining zone.

The components move on two inclined parallel slide rods through a diameter checking position. The external diameter measuring method is a differential one and is carried out by two sealed inductive transducers that have carbide alloy spherical measuring tips.

The command for making a corrective adjustment in the grinder can be formed after statistically processing the measured results.

Main Technical Data:

Diameter measuring range, mm.: From 35 up to 100
Principle of operation: Inductive, contacting
Least division value, mm.: 0,001 (0,0005)
Reading range, mm.: From -0,2 up to +0,2
Measuring tips contacting force, N: 0.2^(+0.1)
Number of control commands: 2 ("Corrective adjustment"; "Reject")
Permissible error limit of operating commands, mm.: 0,0015