In-process gauging instruments for controlling grinding machines:
Model PKU67E

The model PKU67E in-process gauging instrument is intended to be used for controlling the honing cycle of a component’s opening (e.g. In an engine’s cylider liner) by the results of continuously measuring the diameter of such an opening being machined.

The instrument consists of a pneumoinductive module and an electronic unit.
The pneumoinductive module contains a fine compressed air filter, an air pressure stabilizer and a pneumoinductive transducer connected through an air duct with the orifices built into the honing head.

Main Technical Data:

Principle of operation: Pneumoinductive,
Least division value, mm.: 0,001
Reading range, mm.: 0,4
Number of control commands: 2
Permissible error limit for a command to operate, mm.: 0,0005
Pressure in the compressed air line, MPa: 0,3.....0,6