Precision instruments for inspecting components of fuel equipment:
Model RPA4

The model RPA4 Instrument is intended to be used for measuring the opening’s curvature in the plungers bushing.

The measurements are taken automatically after manually placing the component on the measuring stage. The obtained results are shown on the digital panel of the instrument’s electronic unit.

The curvature’s value of the opening in the plunger’s bushing is determined as the maximum buckling sag in the middle section of the opening after rotating the bushing on two narrow beaded parts of an aligning mandrel. The distance between these two beaded parts on the mandrel corresponds to the length of the bushing.

The Instrument is furnished with a setting-up for checking a specified standard size plunger’s bushing.

Main Technical Data:

Diameter range of checkable openings, mm.: from 8 up to 12
Tolerance for the curvature of an opening, mm.: from 0,005 to 0,0004
Principle of operation: Inductive, contacting
Least digit’s value, mm.: 0,00005
Reading range ,mm.: 0,05
Permissible limit of a measurement error, mm.: 0,00015
Maximum duration of a measurement, sec.:
(without the time for loading-unloading the component)