Precision instruments for inspecting components of fuel equipment:
Model RPA6

The model RPA6 Instrument is intended to be used for measuring the run-out of the cutting-off cone in the sprayer’s body relatively to its central opening.

The checking process is carried out automatically after the component to be measured is manually placed on the measuring stage.
The results of measurements are shown on the digital panel of the instrument’s electronic unit.

The instrument is furnished with a setting-up that corresponds to the specified standard size of a sprayer’s body.

Main Technical Data:

Diameter of the sprayer’s body central opening,mm.: 8.....10
Tolerance of the central opening’s diameter, mm.: 0,05
Diameter of the cutting-off cone’s section in which the radial run-out is measured, mm.: 3,6
Tolerance for the radial run-out of the cutting-off cone, mm.: 0,006
Principle of operation: Inductive, contacting
Reading’s least digit value, mm.: 0,0001
Reading range, mm.: 0,1
Permissible error limit when measuring the radial run-out of the cutting-off cone, mm.: 0,0005
Maximum measuring time, sec.:
(Without the time for loading-unloading the component)